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Insight Consultation

Insight Consultation

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30 or 60 Minute Sessions

Do you need advice on how to build a spell, a magical working, or collecting your magical tools and supplies? Been having weird dreams or recurring omens? Feel like you have mal de ojo, a string of bad luck, energetic blockages, or things are just feeling off and you need advice on how to cleanse and recalibrate? Working on your energetic hygiene and defenses? Just need a platica or a heart-to-heart with someone who understands the esoteric?

Then this insight consultation is the perfect thing! Our goal is to give YOU the tools and the guidance to do the work you need. We'll share our advice, skills, and experience to help you out - we may pull some cards, we may just chat.

To make sure you're paired with the right staff member, please give us a highlight of your intention in the special instructions in your shopping cart.

In-Person Consultation
- Held at our shop
- Please show up at least 5 minutes before your appointment
- Feel free to take notes and pictures as you like

Virtual Consultation
- You will receive a meeting link via email
- After the consultation you will receive a follow-up email within 24 hours containing notes as well as pictures of any cards pulled with their meanings

Consultation bookings are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your booking, please provide 12 hour notice or you may be charged the full amount. Legal disclaimer: tarot readings and insight consultations are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace therapy or professional counselling.

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