Custom Leatherwork

Our Story 

Leather has always been a true passion of ours and is a cornerstone of our brand. With our new shop we built a dedicated leather studio to work in. The studio has an original trifold mirror that came with the building that is absolutely perfect for fittings. We are not only excited at the new workspace, but also to be able to honor the history of the building as it was a haberdashery for over 75 years.

With over 17 years of leatherworking under our belts, we love creating artisan and fashion pieces that can be worn in many different contexts. We believe that everyone, regardless of body shape or gender presentation, should feel empowered to fully be themselves. We love working with each individual client to make a piece that is unique to them, fits their needs and budget, and helps them express themselves as they desire.

Please enjoy the gallery below and contact us if you are interested in a custom piece. We would love to work with you!


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