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Inner Scription Oracle

Inner Scription Oracle

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The Inner Scription Oracle is a 52 card deck of beautiful watercolor paintings centered around mysterious glyphs. Dutch artist Nynke Van Zwol worked on the paintings for over a year. Each card has its own mood, its own character.

This is a deck for the intuitive reader. The soft colors and angular shapes evoke images or words. The cards are wonderful for mediation, transporting you to a state of dreaming where you can read the glyphs as they are meant for you.

The cards are environmentally friendly varnished with a satin layer of dispersion varnish and feel soft to the touch. They shuffle delightfully easy.

A handsewn guidebook in English is included with a short description per card, a handmade bookmark and a complimentary hand painted card from the artist.

Includes 52 cards and a guidebook.

Author: Nynke Van Zwol

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