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Self-Love Workshop

Self-Love Workshop

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"If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" ~ RuPaul

Self-love comes in many different shapes and sizes - as individual as the person it's for. Join us for this two hour workshop where we dive into making a self-love charm tailored to you. 

In this workshop we will cover the basics of:
- Creating a magical working
- Choosing the right style of working for your intention
- Collecting the right ingredients and tools for your working
- How to build a basic ritual and do the work

You will walk away with a charm and a small ritual kit for you to continue working with at home.

This workshop is focused on tailoring something specifically for YOU. If you have any favorite flowers, herbs, oils, or scents please bring them in to use. You can also add to the magic by wearing a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing to class.

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